Mathias Davids

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Many applications in MRI such as accelerated receive and transmit sequences require the synthesis of nonuniform 3-D gradient trajectories. Several methods have been proposed to design these gradient trajectories in a time-optimal manner, subject to hardware specific gradient magnitude and slew rate constraints. In this work a novel method is derived that(More)
Phantom measurements allow for investigating the overall quality characteristics of an MRI scanner. Especially within multicenter studies, these characteristics ensure the comparability of the results across different sites, in addition to the performance stability of a single scanner over time. This comparability requires consistent phantoms, sequence(More)
PURPOSE To design short parallel transmission (pTx) pulses for excitation of arbitrary three-dimensional (3D) magnetization patterns. METHODS We propose a joint optimization of the pTx radiofrequency (RF) and gradient waveforms for excitation of arbitrary 3D magnetization patterns. Our optimization of the gradient waveforms is based on the(More)
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