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Fifty-one surgical consultants, registrars and senior registrars in NHS hospitals in the West Midlands (UK) were interviewed about psychological aspects of cancer surgery: information given to patients, the bad news interview, psychological risk factors in surgery, psychiatric morbidity, difficult patients, and care of the dying. Information that tended to(More)
This retrospective analysis of psychological predictors of attendance studied the women from the annual screening arm of the United Kingdom Coordinating Committee on Cancer Research (UKCCCR) trial of annual screening mammography for the early detection of breast cancer. Some women attended screening at the first invitation in year 1 (attenders), others did(More)
Paid crowdsourcing platforms suffer from low-quality work and unfair rejections, but paradoxically, most workers and requesters have high reputation scores. These inflated scores, which make high-quality work and workers difficult to find, stem from social pressure to avoid giving negative feedback. We introduce Boomerang, a reputation system for(More)
An audit was conducted of a counsellor's work over the period 1989-1993 at two general practice surgeries in Coventry. Comparative data were available for general practitioner (GP)-referred patients seen in the district clinical psychology department in Coventry during 1988-1992. The counsellor saw significantly more patients referred with anxiety,(More)
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