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Basic algorithms in real algebraic geometry and their complexity: from Sturm's theorem to the existential theory of reals. polar varieties, real equation solving, and data structures: The hypersurface case. A partial k-arboretum of graphs with bounded tree-width (tutorial). a theory of computation and complexity over the real numbers: NP-completeness,(More)
User generated content from fora, weblogs and other social networks is a very fast growing data source in which different information extraction algorithms can provide a convenient data access. Hierarchical clustering algorithms are used to provide topics covered in this data on different levels of abstraction. During the last years, there has been some(More)
Language statistics are widely used to characterize and better understand language. In parallel, the amount of text mining and information retrieval methods grew rapidly within the last decades, with many algorithms evaluated on standardized corpora, often drawn from newspapers. However, up to now there were almost no attempts to link the areas of natural(More)
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