Mathias Aschhoff

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Five biopsies of patients with indeterminate leprosy and five with skin lesions of nonspecific chronic inflammation were chosen. Histopathologic changes in the presence of acid-fast bacilli (AFB) in an average number of 145 serial sections from the entire paraffin block from each were evaluated. In all five indeterminate lesions AFB were found in the(More)
The pathological changes, bacterial load, and viability of Mycobacterium leprae in the skin and nerves of nine lepromatous leprosy patients who had undergone 2 years of multidrug therapy (MDT) were studied. M. leprae and varying amounts of their remnants were present in the nerves and skin of all but one patient. M. leprae isolated from skin biopsies of six(More)
Thirty paucibacillary (PB) patients were given multidrug therapy (MDT) PB regimen for six months and were examined clinically and histopathologically before therapy, at six months and 12 months after therapy; and in four patients, at 18 to 23 months after MDT. Histopathological activity was present in 50% and 25% of patients after six months and 12 months(More)
The occurrence of secondary and primary dapsone resistance in 199 patients in our control area and the influence of certain variables such as age, initial bacteriological and morphological indices, duration of regular dapsone monotherapy, on the emergence of dapsone resistance was investigated. Ninety one of 122 patients and 29 out of 77 showed secondary(More)