Mathias Andreasen

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1. Whole-cell patch-clamp recordings were used to study paired-pulse facilitation (PPF) of the lateral perforant path input to the dentate gyrus in thin hippocampal slices. 2. Orthodromic stimulation of the lateral perforant pathway evoked a excitatory postsynaptic current (EPSC) with a latency of 3.3 +/- 0.1 ms (mean +/- SE) that fluctuated in amplitude.(More)
This study explores mid-alpine ectomycorrhizal communities on Salix herbacea and Salix polaris in plant communities differing in nutrient status and snow conditions. Plant species were identified by tracking roots back to above ground structures while fungal species were identified using molecular methods. The fungi were identified to 34 molecular(More)
The temperature of 40 antral follicles in 16 rabbits was measured by microthermoelectrodes and by thermovision during anaesthesia. The temperature in the follicles was 2.8 +/- 0.2 degree C lower than the core body temperature and 1.4 +/- 0.2 degree C lower than in the ovarian stroma. No differences were observed between the temperatures obtained from large(More)
1. Whole-cell patch clamp techniques were used to record transient outward potassium currents in embryonic rat neocortical neurons maintained in culture. The effect of lidocaine and its quaternary derivative QX222 on this transient outward current (TOC) was examined. 2. Extracellular application of lidocaine produced a progressive decrease in peak TOC(More)
1. Whole-cell patch-clamp techniques were used to record outward currents in embryonic rat neocortical neurons maintained in culture. In the presence of tetrodotoxin and cadmium, depolarization evoked an outward current with a complex waveform. This outward current consisted of an initial fast transient component and a late, slowly inactivating component.(More)
Concentrations of 3H-8-methoxypsoralen (MOP), its lipid- and water-soluble metabolites, tritiated water, and an insoluble compound have been measured in rat serum, lens, and eye tissue by liquid scintillation, thin-layer chromatography, and other techniques. The radioactivity has been measured in albino and pigmented rats up to 1 week after medication, and(More)
Concentrations of 3H-8-methoxypsoralen (MOP), its lipid- and water soluble metabolites and tritiated water have been measured in rat serum, liver, kidney, and skin, using liquid scintillation, thin-layer chromatography and other techniques. Radioactivity in whole blood, plasma, ovary, adrenals, and pancreas has also been measured. The radioactivity has been(More)
To test whether a meiosis-inducing substance (MIS) is responsible for the induction of meiosis in the testis at puberty, pubertal mouse rete testis was grown with (1) fetal undifferentiated mouse testis attached to the other side of a filter and (2) the used medium obtained from culture of the rete testis of a pubertal bull for 2 days. In both systems(More)
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