Mathias Almquist

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Although a significant proportion of the mobile apps are games there has been little attention paid to their specific characteristics with respect to communication energy. In this paper we select 20 mobile games among the top 100 free Android games, and study their data patterns and communication energy use over a total of 25 hours of playing. The analysis(More)
A formal specification and verification of a wireless LAN protocol is given, and a simulation of the protocol's performance is also described. The verification is a partial verification in that it does not include a general verification of all possible configurations of the protocol; however, it does cover the expected usage of the protocol, which is for a(More)
Copyright The publishers will keep this document online on the Internet – or its possible replacement –from the date of publication barring exceptional circumstances. The online availability of the document implies permanent permission for anyone to read, to download, or to print out single copies for his/hers own use and to use it unchanged for(More)
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