Mathew Travers

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Calcium (Ca2+) is an almost universal intracellular messenger, controlling a diverse range of cellular processes, such as gene transcription, muscle contraction and cell proliferation. The ability of a simple ion such as Ca2+ to play a pivotal role in cell biology results from the facility that cells have to shape Ca2+ signals in the dimensions of space,(More)
Several oncogenes seem to encode certain growth factors that may play a part in regulating cell growth in tumours. To assess whether such factors are synthesised endogenously by tumour cells the amounts of messenger RNA for several growth factors known to be synthesised by cancer cells of the breast in vitro were examined in biopsy specimens from 52(More)
The importance of estrogen receptor (ER) determination in breast cancer is well established. Approximately 70% of ER-positive tumors are hormone responsive compared to 5-10% of ER-negative tumors. However, one-third of ER-positive tumors fail to respond, and the reasons for this are unclear. To further investigate these relationships we have determined(More)
Geckos that jump, cats that fall, and satellites that are inertially controlled fundamentally locomote in the same way. These systems are bodies in free flight that actively reorientate under the influence of conservation of angular momentum. We refer to such bodies as inertial systems. This work presents a novel control method for inertial systems with(More)
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