Mathew T. Farrington

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Neurogenesis in the auditory pathway of the marsupial Dasyurus hallucatus was studied. Intraperitoneal injections of tritiated thymidine (20-40 microCi) were made into pouch-young varying from 1 to 56 days pouch-life. Animals were killed as adults and brain sections were prepared for autoradiography and counterstained with a Nissl stain. Neurons in the(More)
Share feedback about the accessibility of this item. Abstract In today's technologically driven world, there is a need to better understand the ways that common computer malfunctions affect computer users. These malfunctions may have measurable influences on computer user's cognitive, emotional, and behavioral responses. An experiment was conducted where(More)
As a part of a project concerning the development of hearing, some features of the morphological development of the inferior colliculus were studied in a marsupial, the Northern quoll or native cat (Dasyurus hallucatus). Marsupials are of particular interest in developmental studies because much embryonic development occurs outside the uterus, in the pouch.(More)
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