Mathew Stevenson

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The sequence of developmental changes in sleep pattern organization was derived from 12-hr recordings in 10-, 20 and 40-day-old kittens. Each characteristic of sleep patterning exhibited a distinct maturational sequence. Earlier changes (10-20 days) included quiet sleep (QS) increments and somatic activity decrements; later changes (20-40 days) included(More)
Apneic episodes in normal 10-, 20-, and 40-day-old kittens were assessed with polygraphic recordings. End expiratory apneas, usually preceded by somatic activity and/or augmented breaths, with durations less than 10 sec were observed in quiet sleep, active sleep, and transitions between states in all age groups. The highest apnea density was found at state(More)
The developmental course of respiration rate and variability during sleep states and waking was measured in chronically prepared kittens. Kittens had higher respiration rates during active sleep (AS) as compared to quiet sleep (QS) at all ages, with rates declining developmentally in both sleep states. Compared to waking, respiration rate and variability(More)
We describe the case of a young woman who was referred to a tertiary care center with unexplained subacute progressive encephalopathy preceded by long-standing severe headaches. Her extensive workup was remarkable for abnormal intracranial angiography suggestive of small- and medium-vessel vasculitis, persistently elevated protein in the cerebrospinal fluid(More)
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