Mathew S Greenberg

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Real-time ultrasonography was used to assess the position of umbilical venous catheters tips in 79 newborn infants (birth weight range, 400 to 4200 gm). The position of the umbilical venous catheters determined by ultrasonography was compared with the projection of the catheter tip on the closest vertebral body shown on a standard chest radiograph. Of the(More)
Intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy of Hodgkin's Disease has resulted in improved survival rates. With long-term follow-up, however, a risk of secondary malignancy in these individuals is now appreciated. The authors of this report have encountered five patients who developed bone or soft tissue sarcomata more than 5 years after treatment of Hodgkin's(More)
BACKGROUND Focal zones of hepatic necrosis alternating with nodular regeneration in severe, acute to subacute hepatitis can be difficult to differentiate histologically from established cirrhosis, and diagnostic errors can result in incorrect patient management. Thus, an easily applicable, well-defined histologic method for differentiating these two lesions(More)
Twenty-nine adults with advanced acute nonlymphocytic leukemia were treated with an intensive chemotherapy program consisting of 5-azacitidine and zorubicin. Overall, eight patients (28%) achieved a complete remission. Although only one of 19 patients with refractory leukemia responded, seven of ten patients who were treated immediately following relapse(More)
We report a case of a mucus-filled kidney (muconephrosis) encountered during laparoscopic nephrectomy for presumed xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis. Conversion to open nephrectomy and en-bloc right hemicolectomy were necessary because of severe perinephric fibrosis and suspected renal-enteral fistula. Pathologic examination revealed a renal pelvic villous(More)
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