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Older people are growing in prevalence and their nutrition-related concerns adversely impact upon health, function, and life quality. Changes in body composition and organ system function alter nutrient requirements. The purpose of this review is to examine changes in nutritional requirements with aging and to highlight practical approaches to nutritional(More)
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  • The Veterinary clinics of North America. Food…
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This article offers insights into the relationship of llama owners to their animals and the role of veterinarians as part of the animal care team. The effect of human behavior and handling techniques on llama behavior and marketability are discussed. Progressive ideas for nonforceful llama handling equipment, procedures, and training ideas are outlined in(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to thank the members of the massasauga listserv for information provided, including but not limited to family generously provided access to their ranch, which was critical for both survey and telemetry work, and many other kindnesses. For discussions about massasaugas at various times, I thank I would like to thank my family,(More)
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