Mathew M Avram

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Pr e sen tat ion of C a se Dr. Elizabeth A. Buzney (Dermatology): A newborn girl was transferred to this hospital because of a rash that had been present at birth. The infant, who weighed 3105 g, was born by spontaneous vaginal delivery at 40 weeks' gestation to a healthy 27-year-old mother after an uncomplicated pregnancy. At birth, no meconium was(More)
  • H Ray Jalian, Mathew M Avram
  • 2013
Dermatologists have long used cold-based therapeutic approaches for a variety of applications. Based on the differences in chemical composition, it is possible to selectively target certain tissues rich with lipid, while sparing the surrounding tissue predominantly containing water. With historical observations of cold-induced panniculitis suggesting the(More)
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