Mathew L Hunt

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Zerovalent iron (Fe0) has tremendous potential as a remediation material for removal of arsenic from groundwater and drinking water. This study investigates the speciation of arsenate (As(V)) and arsenite (As(III)) after reaction with two Fe0 materials, their iron oxide corrosion products, and several model iron oxides. A variety of analytical techniques(More)
Measurements were made of two components of the average and fluctuating velocities, and of the local self-diffusion coefficients in a flow of granular material. The experiments were performed in a 1 m-high vertical channel with roughened sidewalls and with polished glass plates at the front and the back to create a two-dimensional flow. The particles used(More)
This paper presents experimental measurements of the approach and rebound of a particle colliding with a wall in a viscous fluid. The particle’s trajectory was controlled by setting the initial inclination angle of a pendulum immersed in a fluid. The resulting collisions were monitored using a high-speed video camera. The diameters of the particles ranged(More)
In a recent study the collisional particle pressure was measured for liquid fluidized beds and liquid-solid flows. The particle pressure was defined as the 'additional pressure' generated by the presence of the particulate-solid phase in a liquid-solid mixture. The particle pressure generated by collisions of particles was found to be composed of two main(More)
When a deep bed of granular material is subjected to vertical. sinusoidal oscillations, a number of interesting phenomena appear including heaps, convection ceJls, surface waves, and arches. This paper examines the convccaon cell ptlenomena associated with verti~al side walls using twwdimensional dismte element simulations. Measurements from the simulations(More)
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