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Intense competition for full-feepaying foreign students in higher education in many countries mandates the need for the identification of the criteria considered important by this customer group for the purpose of strategy development. Past research in this area has overlooked the needs of this important segment and has focused mainly on either(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) is an important cause for stroke in the young where the role for decompressive craniectomy is not well established. OBJECTIVE To analyse the outcome of CVT patients treated with decompressive craniectomy. METHODS Clinical and imaging features, preoperative findings and long-term outcome of patients with CVT(More)
The records of all patients who presented to a Level 1 trauma center during a two-year period for whom a prehospital cricothyrotomy was attempted or ordered were reviewed. Twenty patients met the study criteria. The average age was 37 years (range, 11 to 65 years). Indications for prehospital cricothyrotomy were massive facial trauma (eight), failed oral(More)
Semantic enrichment of textual data is the operation of linking mentions 1 with the entities they refer to, and the subsequent enrichment of such entities with the background knowledge about them available in one or more knowledge bases (or in the entire web). Information about the context in which a mention occurs, (e.g., information about the time, the(More)
Most published literature supports the use of ICP monitoring as a standard of care, though the benefit has never been conclusively proved by a prospective, randomized trial. Unfortunately, ICP monitoring is routinely performed in very few centers in India on a systematic basis. This is probably due to the common perception that it requires very(More)
J o u r n a l o f P r o b a b i l i t y Electron. Abstract We consider the nonlinear stochastic heat equation in one dimension. Under some conditions on the nonlinearity, we show that the "peaks" of the solution are rare, almost fractal like. We also provide an upper bound on the length of the "islands", the regions of large values. These results are(More)
The problem of searching large knowledge bases is becoming an important facet of the current web of steadily proliferating semantic content. By pushing the notion of a context for partitioning large knowledge bases, performance of search is improved by narrowing the search space to a context of interest. On the other hand, by restricting the search only to(More)
We consider a family of nonlinear stochastic heat equations of the form ∂tu = Lu + σ(u) ˙ W , where ˙ W denotes space-time white noise, L the generator of a symmetric Lévy process on R, and σ is Lipschitz continuous and zero at 0. We show that this stochastic PDE has a random-field solution for every finite initial measure u0. Tight a priori bounds on the(More)
We consider a system of interacting diffusions on the integer lattice. By letting the mesh size go to zero and by using a suitable scaling, we show that the system converges (in a strong sense) to a solution of the stochastic heat equation on the real line. As a consequence, we obtain comparison inequalities for product moments of the stochastic heat(More)