Mathew Hanson

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22 tRNA genes corresponding to 17 tRNA species were localized on the master circle of Petunia hybrida mitochondrial (mt) DNA. Genes for trnN, trnM, trnS-GGA, trnW and trnH are of the ‘chloroplast-like’ type and presumably originate from promiscuous chloroplast (cp) DNA sequences inserted into the petunia mitochondrial genome. A comparison of the mt tRNAs or(More)
Spectroscopic analyses of fluorophore-labeled Escherichia coli FepA described dynamic actions of its surface loops during binding and transport of ferric enterobactin (FeEnt). When FeEnt bound to fluoresceinated FepA, in living cells or outer membrane fragments, quenching of fluorophore emissions reflected conformational motion of the external vestibular(More)
The TonB-dependent Gram-negative bacterial outer membrane protein FepA actively transports the siderophore ferric enterobactin (FeEnt) into the periplasm. We developed a high-throughput screening (HTS) assay that observes FeEnt uptake through FepA in living Escherichia coli, by monitoring fluorescence quenching that occurs upon binding of FeEnt, and then(More)
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