Mathew Graves

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) response to both mild and intense exercise. DESIGN Maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max.) was initially determined. Exercise to 20% (mild) and 90% (intense) VO2max. was undertaken in random order. Subjects were exercised over a 5-minute period to the required level of intensity, which was(More)
PURPOSE To ascertain whether the time from injury to prophylactic radiation therapy (RT) influences the rate of heterotopic ossification (HO) after operative treatment of displaced acetabular fractures. METHODS AND MATERIALS This is a single-institution, retrospective analysis of patients referred for RT for the prevention of HO. Between January 2000 and(More)
Competitive underwater hockey play demands frequent and prolonged breath-hold dives. To see whether participants were physiologically adapted to breath-hold diving we studied the ventilatory response to carbon dioxide (CO2) and the breath-hold times of 34 male, underwater hockey players (divers) and compared them to 28 male, dry-land sportsmen (athletes).(More)
There exist a number of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) that detect computer attacks based on some defined attack scenarios. The attack scenarios or security requirements in some of these IDSs are specified in attack specification languages that are different from software specification languages. The use of two different languages for software(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the impact of different body mass index (BMI) as a surrogate marker for heterotopic ossification (HO) in patients who underwent surgical repair (SR) for displaced acetabular fractures (DAF) followed by radiation therapy (RT). METHODS AND MATERIALS This is a single-institution retrospective study of 395 patients. All patients underwent(More)
Pregnancy is associated with maternal bone mineral density loss and modulation of calcium metabolism. We hypothesized that pregnancy may decrease the risk of heterotopic ossification (HO) after trauma. This is a single-institution, University of Mississippi Medical Center, retrospective study investigating the effect of pregnancy on the incidence HO after(More)
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