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The growing complexities of software and the demand for shorter time to market are two important challenges that face today's IT industry. These challenges demand the increase of both productivity and quality of software. Model-based testing is a promising technique for meeting these challenges. Traceability modeling is a key issue and challenge in(More)
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) has high data rate capacity and lower Inter Symbol Interference (ISI) and is considered as the best solution for next generation mobile communication. Multiple Inputs and Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna system improve reception through spatial diversity and high end coding. Combining these two, offers high(More)
— The programmable truncated Vedic multiplication is the method which uses Vedic multiplier and programmable truncation control bits and which reduces part of the area and power required by multipliers by only computing the most-significant bits of the product. The basic process of truncation includes physical reduction of the partial product matrix and a(More)
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