Mathew George

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The reversible transfer of quantum states of light into and out of matter constitutes an important building block for future applications of quantum communication: it will allow the synchronization of quantum information, and the construction of quantum repeaters and quantum networks. Much effort has been devoted to the development of such quantum memories,(More)
Thirteen members of a new class of low molecular-mass organogelators (LMOGs), amides, and amines based on (R)-12-hydroxystearic acid (HSA; i.e., (R)-12-hydroxyoctadecanoic acid) and the properties of their gels have been investigated by a variety of structural and thermal techniques. The abilities of these LMOGs, molecules with primary and secondary amide(More)
The growing complexities of software and the demand for shorter time to market are two important challenges that face today's IT industry. These challenges demand the increase of both productivity and quality of software. Model-based testing is a promising technique for meeting these challenges. Traceability modeling is a key issue and challenge in(More)
The mass sensor based on a microcantilever is considered. The mass loading on a sensor-microcantilever is computed by aligning a position of the sensor microcantilever with a reference one. The control function contains information about the loading mass. The problem is reduced to a time varying parameter identification in microcantilever sensors that is(More)
— The programmable truncated Vedic multiplication is the method which uses Vedic multiplier and programmable truncation control bits and which reduces part of the area and power required by multipliers by only computing the most-significant bits of the product. The basic process of truncation includes physical reduction of the partial product matrix and a(More)
A detailed study of the rheological properties of silicone oil gels, made from a low-molecular-mass organic gelator, a combination of 1-octadecylamine (a latent gelator) and carbon dioxide (an 'activating' molecule), is reported. Information gleaned from the mechanical measurements is used to characterize the gel networks and how they respond to temperature(More)
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