Mathew Elliot

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As RF environments become more complex from both targeted attacks and challenging RF propagation environments (e.g. urban), pre-planned placement of deployed communications elements becomes arduous for the network planner supporting the digital battlefield. We propose a novel dynamic range extension approach that builds upon our extant planning and(More)
This paper presents an agile and generic decentralized swarming architecture called the Survivable Communications and Autonomous Delivery Service (SCADS). SCADS enables swarm members to modify their individual (local) behavior to best contribute to meeting global mission objectives. In this paper we examine how the architecture can provide an agile swarming(More)
Contemporary workflow management systems are driven by explicit process models, i.e., a completely specified workflow design is required in order to enact a given workflow process. Creating a workflow design is a complicated time-consuming process which is often hampered by the limitations of the workflow language being used. To identify the differences(More)
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