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Congressional Oversight Over-looked: Police Patrol versus Fire Alarms
Scholars have often remarked that Congress neglects its oversight responsibility. We argue that Congress does no such thing: what appears to be a neglect of oversight really is the rationalExpand
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Legislative Leviathan: Party Government in the House
This book provides an incisive new look at the inner workings of the House of Representatives in the post-World War II era. Reevaluating the role of parties and committees, Gary Cox and MathewExpand
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Electoral Politics as a Redistributive Game
Spatial models of electoral competition typically simplify the analysis by ignoring the question of internal constituency politics: constituencies are modeled simply as a distribution of ideal pointsExpand
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Setting the Agenda: Responsible Party Government in the U.S. House of Representatives
1. Introduction Part I. Why Party Government?: 2. Procedural Cartel theory Part II. Negative Agenda Power: 3. Cartel agenda model vs. floor agenda model 4. The primacy of Reed's rules in houseExpand
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The Logic of Delegation: Congressional Parties and the Appropriations Process
Why do majority congressional parties seem unable to act as an effective policy-making force? They routinely delegate their power to others internally to standing committees and subcommittees withinExpand
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A Theory of Political Control and Agency Discretion
Focuses on the theory of political control and government agency discretion in the United States. Process of policy execution; Definition of agency discretion; Roles of players in determination ofExpand
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Political Structure and Economic Policy: The Institutional Determinants of Policy Outcomes
The institutions that define the sequence of delegations that democracy entails have systematic effects on public policy. Democratic states that systematically provide public goods are typically seenExpand
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Presidential Influence on Congressional Appropriations Decisions
We investigate the extent to which possession of the veto allows the president to influence congressional decisions regarding regular annual appropriations legislation. The most important implicationExpand
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