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Grid services offer a number of advantages in the field of medical imaging. Many image processing algorithms are computationally intensive and require high specification hardware or take a long time to run. The prospect of being able to use dedicated clusters of high end workstations on a remote network, or indeed several networks, with only a few clicks of(More)
Medical image processing involves a large amount of data that can be difficult to store and manage. This project uses an automated process to extract clinical and technical information from image file headers which is used to construct a database of medical images. A web based search and retrieval interface is used to present the data to the user with(More)
Grid services promise the power of the supercomputer to the average desktop user. However, as with all forms of distributed computing, they rely on the sending and receiving of messages between components for the system to work. The rapid rise in attacks by malicious users has meant that firewalls have become a way of life for any machine permanently(More)
Cisco web-enabled numerous processes during a period of rapid growth, resulting in a number of disconnected sites and tools. Although this innovation cut costs, employees could not easily find information and had to learn new models of navigation and interaction. This paper describes how the Intranet Strategy team responded by designing a hierarchical(More)
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