Mathew Baird

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To monitor trends in alternative work arrangements, we conducted a version of the Contingent Worker Survey as part of the RAND American Life Panel (ALP) in late 2015. The findings point to a significant rise in the incidence of alternative work arrangements in the U.S. economy from 2005 to 2015. The percentage of workers engaged in alternative work(More)
BACKGROUND Silent myocardial ischemia is an adverse prognostic marker in patients with coronary disease; however, controlled data on the effect of treatment are sparse and contradictory, and the relations among the occurrence of ST segment depression, drug efficacy, and heart rate are unclear. METHODS AND RESULTS Sixty patients with stable coronary artery(More)
The clinical records and histopathological features of 424 patients treated surgically for meningioma over a 20-year period were reviewed. Forty-nine patients (11.5%) required a second operation and in 8 other cases (1.8%) there was clinical evidence of recurrence but further surgery was contra-indicated. The two independent factors associated with(More)
The present study was conducted to determine the extent to which squirrel monkeys might demonstrate self-selective behavior when fed a riboflavin deficient diet, and the extent to which such a diet might lead to digestive disturbances, general weakness, lack of vigor, and loss of weight for such animals. Ss included 12 male squirrel monkeys approximately(More)
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