Mathew Allan

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High resolution hydrogen surface mapping is essential for locating and characterizing water ice and other hydrogenous volatile deposits in permanently shadowed lunar craters. This is especially important for potential in-situ resource utilization. Although orbital remote sensing can provide much information, prospecting for near-subsurface resources can(More)
A hybrid sensorless position system has been developed that offers the possibility of achieving improved performance over existing schemes. Through the use of a brushless DC motor model (BLDCM) a range of possible machine parameters are established. These are used with a PSpice model of the BLDCM's electrical sub-system to obtain simulated phase voltage and(More)
Experimental and calculated absolute differential cross sections for the scattering of low-energy electrons from ethene are presented. Emphasis is on the excitation of the ã B1u 3 , state, but selected elastic and vibrational excitation cross sections are also given. In contrast to earlier calculations, which were nearly a factor of 2 too large, the present(More)
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