Mathew A Thomas

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BACKGROUND Altering the dimensions of the mandibular angle by alloplastic augmentation or skeletal reduction requires elevation of the insertion of the masseter muscle, including the pterygomasseteric sling. Disruption of the pterygomasseteric sling during exposure of the inferior border of the mandible can cause the masseter muscle to retract superiorly,(More)
Ultrasound has become increasingly important in the management of benign breast disease. The main reasons are its ability to distinguish between cystic and solid lesions, its special advantages in examining the dense breast, and the absence of potential radiation hazard. This paper evaluates the specificity of automated ultrasound in the diagnosis of benign(More)
Control of bleeding from the renal parenchyma remains one of the challenges of laparoscopic partial nephrectomy. If adjuvant measures fail, packing of the surgical bed may achieve hemostasis. We report a novel series of temporary laparoscopic packing of the surgical bed with minimally invasive kidney surgery. Technique and potential complications are also(More)
A 3 year study (January 1964-October 1967) of 3250 intrauterine insertions and complications at Columbia Hospital was made. 422 devices were removed due to abnormal bleeding (7 requiring hospital admission). 1 Birnberg Bow user required hysterectomy to control bleeding. 36 removals were due to inflammatory disease; 22 removals were cramping; 2 involved(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the anatomic closure rate and visual outcome in patients undergoing pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) with internal limiting membrane (ILM) peeling with and without indocyanine green (ICG) enhancement. DESIGN Retrospective, noncomparative interventional case series. PARTICIPANTS One hundred ninety-three consecutive patients (204 eyes) seen(More)
PURPOSE Inadvertent injuries during trocar and Veress needle placement are a rare but potentially serious complication of laparoscopic surgery. An access alternative is an optical trocar under direct vision. Limited data are available regarding the safety of this technique. We reviewed complications related to optical access trocars during standard(More)
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