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This paper develops a series of performance models for predicting performance of applications on virtualized systems. It introduces the main ideas of performance modeling and presents a complete case study of an application running on Linux that is migrated to a virtual-ized environment consisting of Linux and Xen. The paper describes the models, the(More)
Virtual worlds have recently gained wide recognition as an important field of study in Computer Science. In this work we present an analysis of the mobility and interactions among characters in World of Warcraft (WoW) and Second Life based on the contact opportunities extracted from actual user data in each of those domains. We analyze character contacts in(More)
Recently, consolidation on virtual servers has gone from a small market to a massive industry migration which is affecting businesses across different kinds of companies. Virtualization can be useful to help IT organizations to reduce complexity and costs with management, ownership, and energy consumption, providing a flexible environment for the execution(More)
Weed management in orchard may affect apple tree nutritional status and yield, N flow and other soil chemical properties. This study evaluated apple tree nutritional status and yield, N flow in soil and soil chemical properties in an apple orchard under different weed managements. The experiment was started in October 2011 in an apple orchard established in(More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the potential pharmacological and toxicological properties of (E)-1-(1-(methylthio)-1-(selenopheny) hept-1-en-2-yl) pyrrolidin-2-one (compound 1), an organoselenium compound. In vitro experiments showed that compound 1 presented a reduction in the lipid peroxidation induced by Fe2+ in thiobarbituric acid-reactive(More)
Diorganoyl dichalcogenide compouds can have antioxidant activity in different in vitro and in vivo models. Here, we have compared the potential antioxidant activity of 1-dinaphthyl diselenide (1-NapSe)2, 2-dinaphthyl diselenide (2-NapSe)2, 1-dinaphthyl distelluride (1-NapTe)2, 2-dinaphthyl ditelluride (2-NapTe)2 with their well-studied analogs diphenyl(More)
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