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KateSaveModifiedDialogCheckListItem GUIClient MainWindow KateAppAdaptor KateSessionManager KateConfigDialog KateDocManager KatePluginManager KateSaveModifiedDialog KateMwModOnHdDialog KatePluginInfo KateQuickOpen KateViewManager KateRunningInstanceInfo KateSaveModifiedDocumentCheckListItem KateTabBar KateTabButton KateViewSpace Main SideBar ToolView(More)
The next release problem (NRP) consists of selecting which requirements will be implemented in the next release of a software system. For many search based software engineering approaches to the NRP, there is still a lack of capability to efficiently incorporate human experience and preferences in the search process. Therefore, this paper proposes an(More)
Search based software engineering has been extensively applied to the problem of finding improved modular structures that maximise cohesion and minimise coupling. However, there has, hitherto, been no longitudinal study of developers’ implementations, over a series of sequential releases. Moreover, results validating whether developers respect the fitness(More)
The next release problem is a significant task in the iterative and incremental software development model, involving the selection of a set of requirements to be included in the next software release. Given the dynamic environment in which modern software development occurs, the uncertainties related to the input variables of this problem should be taken(More)
Although considered one of the most important decisions in a software development lifecycle, empirical evidence on how developers perform and perceive architectural changes is still scarce. Given the large implications of architectural decisions, we do not know whether developers are aware of their changes’ impact on the software’s architecture, whether(More)
Clone detection is the process of finding duplicated code within a software code base in an automated manner. It is useful in several areas of software development such as code quality analysis, bug detection, and program understanding. We replicate a study of a geneticalgorithm based framework that optimises parameters for clone agreement (EvaClone). We(More)
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