Math J H Geelen

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Short-term effects of 3,5-l-diiodothyronine (T2) on lipid biosynthesis were studied in cultured hepatocytes from hypothyroid rats. A comparison with the effects of T3 was routinely carried out. After T2 addition to cell cultures, a distinct stimulation of fatty acid and cholesterol syntheses, measured as incorporation of [1-14C]acetate into these lipid(More)
The metabolic effects of feeding soyabean oil instead of an isoenergetic amount of maize starch plus glucose were studied in ponies. Twelve adult Shetland ponies were given a control diet (15 g fat/kg DM) or a high-fat diet (118 g fat/kg DM) according to a parallel design. The diets were fed for 45 d. Plasma triacylglycerol (TAG) concentrations decreased by(More)
The hypothesis tested was that dietary vegetable fats rich in saturated fatty acids, when compared with a vegetable oil rich in linoleic acid, increase fat deposition in broiler chickens and affect synthesis or oxidation, or both, of individual fatty acids. Diets with native sunflower oil (SO), a 50:50 mix of hydrogenated and native SO, palm oil, and(More)
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