Mateusz Tabin

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Osteoporosis has become one of the major public health problems, affecting about two hundred million people worldwide, including one third of all postmenopausal women. The paper presents a review of the current literature concerning the pathophysiology and the most common genetic and environmental determinants that account for the individual predisposition(More)
Several trap plasmids (enabling positive selection of transposition events) were used to identify a pool of functional transposable elements (TEs) residing in bacteria of the genus Paracoccus (Alphaproteobacteria). Complex analysis of 25 strains representing 20 species of this genus led to the capture and characterization of (i) 37 insertion sequences (ISs)(More)
OBJECTIVE A handful of studies suggest a familial predisposition to vasovagal syncope (WS) but the scope of information available to date is poor. The aim of our study was to evaluate the prevalence of vasovagal syncope and its familial occurrence in the young. METHODS AND RESULTS The studied group consisted of 281 women and 111 men, aged 18-32 years.(More)
PURPOSE Patients with metabolic syndrome (MBS) have an increased risk of all-cause mortality, especially from cardiovascular disease. Egg phospholipids (PL) have been shown to exert a positive impact on cholesterol metabolism and inflammation; eggs are an important source of PL. Our study examined potential effects of egg-yolk-derived PL in non-diabetic(More)
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