Mateusz Slazynski

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—Business Process models help to visualize the processes of an organization. There are open-source process execution engines that provide the environments for enacting process models. However, they lack semantization capabilities. In this paper, an overview of Business Process semantization techniques is provided. Moreover, we discuss the common(More)
—Knowledge management in business information systems often requires a unified dictionary of business concepts, that allows for a transparent integration of such systems. Thanks to it sharing the conceptualization between users becomes possible , and better decision support facilities can be provided. The Prosecco project is a research and development(More)
Mobile devices are valuable sources of information about their user location, physical and social activity, profiles and habits. Such an information can be used to build context-aware applications, that are able to adapt their func-tionality to user needs and preferences. A lot of research have been done in this field of science, providing multiple(More)
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