Mateusz Nawrocki

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Two coupled CdTe quantum dots, selected from a self-assembled system, one of them containing a single Mn ion, were studied by continuous wave and modulated photoluminescence, photoluminescence excitation, and photon correlation experiments. Optical writing of information on the spin state of the Mn ion has been demonstrated, using the orientation of the Mn(More)
Ultrasonic tissue characterization is based on the assumption that microscopic tissue structures are identifiable by their acoustic properties. Our study group consisted of 23 cardiac recipients. Two-dimensional images were obtained within 2 hours of endomyocardial biopsy. The end-diastolic echo frames were digitized into the matrix of an image-processing(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the rejection process by ultrasonic tissue characterization. Serial 2D echocardiographic images were obtained within 24 h prior to an endomyocardial biopsy. The end-diastolic echoframes were digitized into a computer matrix. A region of interest was placed into the anteroseptal segment of each scan. Image texture(More)
Solotronics, optoelectronics based on solitary dopants, is an emerging field of research and technology reaching the ultimate limit of miniaturization. It aims at exploiting quantum properties of individual ions or defects embedded in a semiconductor matrix. It has already been shown that optical control of a magnetic ion spin is feasible using the carriers(More)
The evolution of the magnetization in (Cd,Mn)Te quantum wells after a short pulse of magnetic field was determined from the giant Zeeman shift of spectroscopic lines. The dynamics in the absence of a static magnetic field was found to be up to 3 orders of magnitude faster than that at 1 T. Hyperfine interaction and strain are mainly responsible for the fast(More)
In a prospective study we tested the possibility to differentiate myocardial tissue by means of the quantitative texture analysis of two-dimensional echocardiographic images. 12 patients with a bioptically ascertained myocarditis and 12 healthy patients of a control group were echocardiographically examined. The results demonstrated that the(More)
We present a comparative study of two self-assembled quantum dot (QD) systems based on II-VI compounds: CdTe/ZnTe and CdSe/ZnSe. Using magneto-optical techniques we investigated a large population of individual QDs. The systematic photoluminescence studies of emission lines related to the recombination of neutral exciton X, biexciton XX, and singly charged(More)
2014 The energy distribution of donor-bound magnetic polarons is studied in CdMnS and CdMnSe alloys, using the spin-flip Raman scattering technique. The influence of magnetic fluctuations on the lineshapes is proved Evidence of the superparamagnetism of giant moments associated to magnetic polarons is also reported J. Physique 45 (1984) 1071-1077 JUIN 1984,(More)
The number of threats in todays world increases steadily. Due to that fact governments in many countries try to counteract. The homeland security becomes more and more significant position in their budgets. Not only police forces are strengthen, but also many intelligent systems collecting data about the citizens are developed. Automatic license plate(More)