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—This paper deals with an analysis of the vector-controlled induction-motor (IM) drive with a novel model reference adaptive system (MRAS)-type rotor speed estimator. A stability-analysis method of this novel MRAS estimator is shown. The influence of equivalent-circuit parameter changes of the IM on the pole placement of the estimator transfer function and(More)
This paper discusses a model reference adaptive sliding-mode control of the sensorless vector controlled induction motor drive in a wide speed range. The adaptive speed controller uses on-line trained fuzzy neural network, which enables very fast tracking of the changing speed reference signal. This adaptive sliding-mode neuro-fuzzy controller (ASNFC) is(More)
In the paper a model reference adaptive sliding-mode control using on-line trained fuzzy neural network is applied to the sensorless induction motor drive system with MRAS type speed estimator. In this control structure adaptive sliding-mode neuro-fuzzy controller (ASNFC) is used as a speed controller, in the direct field oriented control structure.(More)