Mateusz Cholewinski

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A relatively new device, described by producers as a device to help smokers quit, nicotine inhaler is an electronic (e-cigarette). Its mission is to provide the body with small doses of nicotine behavior "ceremonial" burning product is not tested for efficacy and toxicity The aim of this study was to compare the effects of nicotine absorbed from cigarette(More)
This paper presents the architecture of system that has been developed for practical verification of the real-time control algorithms performance intended for servicing mobile platform. The system has been implemented using the hardware-software framework developed within RobREx project. This framework is a composition of a well integrated software tools(More)
The article focuses on deployment of model based control algorithms which have passed the stage of simulation analysis in Simulink. The target software platform is OROCOS framework within Linux Xenomai - a real-time operational system. First, the algorithm of transforming of an automatically generated code from Simulink scheme into an OROCOS component is(More)
In the paper control problem of trident snake robot using transversal functions approach has been considered. First, control law based on concept of transversal periodic functions has been introduced. Next, some experiment has been conducted. For experimental part special testbed, including: robotic device - trident snake robot, control system and camera,(More)
In the paper new control algorithm for skid-steering mobile platforms has been presented. This control law is based on mathematical model of such object. In the model it has been assumed that wheels of the skid-steering platform are not coupled by tracks and that they can move without some slipping effects, namely with lack of longitudinal slipping of(More)