Mateja Kunstelj

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The development of e-government in most countries is still primarily aimed at developing electronic services that customers can access via the internet. This has been matched by the methods for monitoring e-government development, which fall far short of providing a true overall assessment. Such a narrow focus on e-government has led to a significant(More)
E-government has been a hot topic in the public administration research community for some time now. While still considered by some to be merely a technological phenomenon, it also includes organisational changes in public administration, development and implementation of new business processes, discovering better and faster ways of providing public(More)
Many surveys and studies to date have pointed out that there is a considerable gap between expressed interest from potential users and the actual use of e-government information and services. However, the factors influencing that gap have not yet been fully explained and understood. This paper therefore investigates the real driving forces concerning the(More)
The internet has become one of the most important means of communication in all areas of our life. In the paper we focused on central and local government bodies and their attitude towards information and communication technology. By analysing web pages, inquiring public servants and testing the responses on citizens' questions we tried to discover(More)
Modelling life events is a task of a crucial importance and a first necessary step towards supporting resolution of a particular life event on the active e-government portal. The use of reference models as templates for building life-event models promises savings in time and costs of the modelling process. At the same time, using reference models can(More)
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