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We studied the effect of restraint stress upon the degree of lipidic peroxidation in the fronto-temporal cerebral cortex, diencephalon, thymus and gastric mucosa. We determined the malon-dialdehyde (MDA) by spectrocolorimetry, the percentage of animals with stress gastric ulcer and the surface of gastric ulcerations. The results demonstrated an important(More)
The effect of a chronic stress upon the primary immune response on mice was evaluated by using the plaque-forming cells (PFC)-direct technique, which allowed us to record a serious suppression of the immune response in the exposed animals. In the next phase of the experiment a second group was initially treated with Tanakan (EGb 761--Ginkgo biloba extract)(More)
The Doppler method (pulsatile and continuous) was used for finding out and semiquantitatively evaluating the mitral insufficiency of various etiologies: inflammatory (rheumatic); prolapse of mitral valve; obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; dilatative cardiomyopathy; calcification of valvular ring. The Doppler parameters obtained after automatic(More)
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