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In this paper we present a new approach for automated cell detection in single frames of 2D microscopic phase contrast images of cancer cells which is based on learning cellular texture features. The main challenge addressed in this paper is to deal with clusters of cells where each cell has a rather complex appearance composed of sub-regions with different(More)
The influence of the microscopical magnification resulting in different voxel size and shape and of the algorithm on parameters used for the quantification of the surface topography is studied using topographical images obtained by confocal laser scanning microscopy. Fracture surfaces and wire-eroded surfaces of steel were used as samples. The values(More)
Using topographical images obtained by confocal laser scanning microscopy, the topography of brittle fracture surfaces and wire-eroded surfaces was quantified. The global topometry values show a significant dependency on the imaging conditions and on the computing algorithm. An algorithm was developed and implemented for the automatic detection and(More)
A simple method for synchronization of video streams with a precision better than one millisecond is proposed. The method is applicable to any number of rolling shutter cameras and when a few photographic flashes or other abrupt lighting changes are present in the video. The approach exploits the rolling shutter sensor property that every sensor row starts(More)
In this paper we focus on tracking of players in team sports with multiple cameras. We evaluate a state of the art multi-camera multi-target tracking algorithm on a novel floorball dataset. We chose recent Probabilistic Occupancy Map and K-Shortest Path algorithms with a publicly available implementation that enables easy deployment. Both algorithms are(More)
We present new methods for simultaneously estimating camera geometry and time shift from video sequences from multiple unsynchronized cameras. Algorithms for simultaneous computation of a fundamental matrix or a homography with unknown time shift between images are developed. Our methods use minimal correspondence sets (eight for fundamental matrix and four(More)
Altered cell motility is considered to be a key factor in determining tumor invasion and metastasis. Epidermal growth factor (EGF) signaling has been implicated in this process by affecting cytoskeletal organization and dynamics in multiple ways. To sort the temporal and spatial regulation of EGF-dependent cytoskeletal re-organization in relation to a(More)
Highly collimated betatron radiation from a laser wakefield accelerator is a promising tool for spectroscopic measurements. Therefore, there is a requirement to create spectrometers suited to the unique properties of such a source. We demonstrate a spectrometer which achieves an energy resolution of <5 eV at 9 keV (E∕ΔE>1800) and is angularly resolving the(More)