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Focus+context visualization integrates a visually accentuated representation of selected data items in focus (more details, more opacity, etc.) with a visually deemphasized representation of the rest of the data, i.e., the context. The role of context visualization is to provide an overview of the data for improved user orientation and improved navigation.(More)
Applications of augmented reality have a great immersion potential for education, edutainment or cultural heritage presentations. The combination of intuitive and playful interaction with multi-faceted presentation options proved to be an effective mixture that attracts viewers to educational or cultural content. We introduce a multi-touch augmented reality(More)
Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy offers numerous advantages when compared with the traditional open approach. For the donor, it has resulted in a shorter hospital stay, fewer postoperative analgesic requirements, earlier return to activities of daily living and employment, and decreased financial loss owing to absence from the workforce. For the recipient,(More)
Displaying multidimensional information has always been a challenge. Projecting multiple dimensions into a two dimensional display is one of the core tasks of information visualization. The human visual system is limited to a low number of dimensions and therefore the human-oriented projection does not easily combine the whole information contained in the(More)
Visualization of discussions is an intensively explored information visualization area. Many existing approaches explore the discussions from the point of view of individual participants, often omitting interesting information about the discussion itself. We present a visualization technique that centers around the discussion, its dynamics, intensity and(More)
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