Matej Kacic

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This paper is focused on preventing relay attacks on contactless devices, such as contactless smart cards or Near-Field Communication (NFC) devices. Relay attacks can be prevented by the so called distance bounding protocols, which are based on restricting the round trip time to some limit. Distance bounding protocols protect against all theoretical(More)
Nowadays we use the 802.11i standard, which is considered safe for now. In 2010, the Hole 196 vulnerability of Group Transient Key was discovered, which allows an undetectable insider ARP poisoning attack. On this ground we have founded the possibility of malware injection into wireless communication with purpose of avoiding intrusion detection system. This(More)
Designing and implementing secure applications which use contactless communication link is difficult even when secure hardware is used. Many current proximity devices, such as contactless smart cards or near field communication devices, are verified to be highly secure; however, inappropriate protocol implementation may result in the leak of sensitive(More)
This paper presents an automated detection method based on classification of network traffic using predefined set of network metrics. We proposed the set of metrics with focus on behavior of buffer overflow attacks and their sufficient description without the need of deep packet inspection. In this paper we describe two laboratory experiments of automated(More)
Network traffic generation was the subject of many research projects in the past, but none of them could generate network data which has the same nature as a traffic from human or machine behavior. In this paper we introduce a related work in this field of area focusing on advantages and disadvantages, such as authenticity, inaccuracy, wrong timings and(More)
The importance of safety standards of software systems is increasing as the use of software grows because of its convenience and flexibility. Software safety standards are very important in aircraft, military, automotive or medical devices. We are developing parallel code generating and refactoring system for safety standards compliance, which increases(More)
Nowadays wireless networks are becoming important in personal and public communication. Most of them are secured by 802.11i standard with strong AES cipher - WPA2. In many cases an attacker has the ability to listen to all encrypted network traffic, which may become a potential intrusion. Each client in wireless network is vulnerable to a variety of threats(More)
New technologies of multi-core and massively parallel processors are becoming common parts of today’s desktop computers. These state-of-the-art technologies allow programming of parallel applications and systems, however, creating parallel applications puts higher demands on programmers’ skills, project maintenance and modification of existing source codes.(More)
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