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Species delimitation was compared in a group of closely related lineages of aposematically colored Eniclases (Coleoptera, Lycidae) using morphology, genetic distances, and Bayesian implementation of the Poisson Tree Processes model. A high diversity of net-winged beetles was found in previously unsampled regions of New Guinea and ten new species are(More)
The recently collected material of Diatrichalus Kleine, 1926 from New Guinea and the Moluccas was studied. Four new species are described: D. buruensis sp. n., D. manokwarensis sp. n., D. mindikensis sp. n., and D. robustus sp. n. The diagnostic morphological characters are described in detail and illustrated. New records of previously described species are(More)
Separate morphological and molecular phylogenetic analyses are presented and the classification of trichaline net-winged beetles is revised. The clade, earlier given a subfamily, tribe or subtribe rank, is a terminal lineage in Metriorrhynchina and contains Diatrichalus Kleine, 1926, Eniclases Waterhouse, 1879, Flabellotrichalus Pic, 1921, Lobatang Bocak,(More)
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