Matej Šalamon

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Chaotic electronic circuits represent deterministic systems which can be used as random number generators in cryptography. Truly chaotic signals can only be generated by analog chaotic circuits. In a cryptosystem a synchronization of the encryption and decryption sides has to be secured, which can be very problematic due to the high sensitivity of the(More)
Single-cell experiments represent the next frontier for biochemical and gene expression research. Although bulk-scale methods averaging populations of cells have been traditionally used to investigate cellular behavior, they mask individual cell features and can lead to misleading or insufficient biological results. We report on a single-cell(More)
We present an unusual case of extensive placental micrometastases of recurrent breast carcinoma. The discrepancy between the gross and histopathologic findings in this case suggests that in the absence of gross metastases, meticulous microscopic examination may reveal a higher incidence of metastases than has been reported previously.
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