Matei Popovici

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We present SymNet, a network static analysis tool based on symbolic execution. SymNet injects symbolic packets and tracks their evolution through the network. Our key novelty is SEFL, a language we designed for expressing data plane processing in a symbolic-execution friendly manner. SymNet statically analyzes an abstract data plane model that consists of(More)
Today's networks deploy many stateful procesing boxes ranging from NATs to firewalls and application optimizers: these boxes operate on packet flows, rather than individual packets. As more and more middleboxes are deployed, understanding their composition is becoming increasingly difficult. Static checking of network configurations is a promising approach(More)
Network Function Virtualization is pushing network operators to deploy commodity hardware that will be used to run middlebox functionality and processing on behalf of third parties: in effect, network operators are slowly but surely becoming in-network cloud providers. The market for innetwork clouds is large, ranging from content providers, mobile(More)
The typical approach for declaratively reasoning about phenomena that evolves in time is to use a cognitive system centered on the given problem domain ontology as a vehicle for knowledge representation and processing. Current ontological-based approaches are successful only for the static structural description of a given domain of discourse. We present a(More)