Mateen Akhtar

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OBJECTIVE Percutaneous aortic valve replacement is an emerging therapy for selected patients with severe aortic stenosis. Preoperative imaging of the aortic root facilitates sizing and deployment of the percutaneous aortic valve replacement device. We compared morphologic characteristics of the aortic root in patients with aortic stenosis versus elderly(More)
OBJECTIVES Percutaneous aortic valve insertion is an emerging treatment option for selected patients with severe aortic stenosis and may be done from a transfemoral or transapical approach. Concomitant atherosclerotic peripheral artery disease limits transfemoral access. We evaluated the potential role of multidetector computed tomography in preoperative(More)
This prospective study was undertaken to analyse the incidence of relief of pain in our burn unit by the topical application of Heparin in 450 cases of burns irrespective of age and percentage of burn from Oct. 1977 to June 1978. The observations were recorded in proformas and results thus analysed. This study shows that topical Heparin is very useful in(More)
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