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More than 25% of natural World Heritage (WH) sites worldwide are estimated to be under pressure from existing or future mining and energy activities (IUCN 2008; UNESCO 2009). However, that ‘pressure’ has yet to be quantitatively defined and assessed for many regions of the world. We conducted a GIS-based analysis of overlap and proximity between natural WH(More)
This paper describes the use of oxidized dextran as a cross-linker for the preparation of gelatin microspheres. Microspheres were obtained by a thermal gelation method and their dissolution kinetic was examined. In order to find evidence of sugar mediated cross-linking, swelling tests and gelatin microspheres dissolution experiments were performed. The(More)
s of Posters EXTRACTIVE BIOCATALYSIS IN A TWO-LIQUID-PHASE SYSTEM WITH PLANT CELL SUSPENSIONS Lucilla Bassetti, Johannes Tramper Extractive fermentation is a technique used to reduce end product inhibition by removing the fermentation products in situ. The extraction can be performed by using an organic/aqueous two-phase system if the organic phase(More)
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