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In recent years, we have seen several approaches to implement hardware-accelerated multi-view stereo (MVS) algorithms employing the graphics processing unit (GPU) for fast and parallel computation. To our knowledge, all of them resort to various rendering passes to perform their computations. In contrast, modern GPU compute frameworks give access to the(More)
The ultimate goal of many image-based modeling systems is to render photo-realistic novel views of a scene without visible artifacts. Existing evaluation metrics and benchmarks focus mainly on the geometric accuracy of the reconstructed model, which is, however, a poor predictor of visual accuracy. Furthermore, using only geometric accuracy by itself does(More)
Responsible health behavior plays an important role in every individual. Oral health quality results from the level of information available, attitudes, habits and nutrition. Family is the most important environment where children can acquire knowledge, attitudes and habits related to oral health. The aim of the study was to compare the habits of parents(More)
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