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We have shown that the transient response of the controller of [1] recovers the response of a high-gain feedback controller without internal model. On the other hand, the transient response of the controller of [3] recovers the response of a sliding mode controller without internal model. These properties show advantage of the designs of [1] and [3] over(More)
In this paper, we consider inventory outsourcing by a producer to a distributor. The distributor charges a cost for each unit it handles and the manufacturer responds with a production and inventory policy over a finite contract period. As a result, the two parties enter a noncooperative differential game. We address the effect of information asymmetry in(More)
The goals, functions, and main stages of the creation of a system of navigation in linguistic tools that are used during the content processing of documents and queries in the Automated Information System on Social Sciences are considered. The structure of the linguistic navigator that was developed at the Institute of Scientific Information on Social(More)
This paper is motivated by inventory problems arising in supply chains characterized by continuous replenishment programs based on information exchanged (reviewed) only intermittently between a manufacturing system (supplier) and a customer (retailer). When the replenishment is once-per-period, rather than at any point of time, a well-known result is the(More)
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