Mat Leighton

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Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)-1 is a zinc-dependent metalloproteinase that cleaves a variety of extracellular matrix substrates, including type I procollagen. Little is known about the site of action of BMP-1, although the extracellular matrix seems likely to be it. BMP-1 is synthesized with an N-terminal prodomain. The removal of the prodomain(More)
The potential antidepressant drug ciclazindol inhibited dopamine uptake into human platelets without affecting 5-hydroxytryptamine uptake as compared with a control. It inhibited the tyramine pressor response less than desipramine after single 50-mg oral doses in 6 healthy volunteers under double-blind conditions. Compared with tandamine in a double-blind(More)
The clinical presentation and subsequent treatment of 160 consecutive patients with proven diverticular disease of the colon from the Auckland Hospital, New Zealand were compared with 182 consecutive patients admitted to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London. There were significant differences in sex incidence, in the ages of the male patients at presentation,(More)
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