Mat́ıas Menni

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PURPOSE To determine why, despite growing evidence that radiologists and referring physicians prefer structured reporting (SR) to free text (FT) reporting, SR has not been widely adopted in most radiology departments. METHODS A focus group was formed consisting of 11 radiology professionals from eight countries. Eight topics were submitted for discussion.(More)
A pre-cohesive geometric morphism p : E → S satisfies Continuity if the canonical p ! (X p * S) → (p ! X) S is an iso for every X in E and S in S. We show that if S = Set and E is a presheaf topos then, p satisfies Continuity if and only if it is a quality type. Our proof of this characterization rests on a related result showing that Continuity and(More)
Many categories of interest arise as exact completions of a left exact category. For example, for every small left exact category C, the presheaf topos Sets C op is an exact completion [1]. Realizability toposes are also examples [4]. More recently, in computer science there has been a lot of interest in the exact completion of the category of topological(More)
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