Matías Pérez González

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The incidence of intestinal endometriosis is reported between 5.3 and 12% of cases and of these, between 70 and 93% are located in the rectum and sigmoid. We report the case of a 32-year-old with constipation and bloating and cramping pain during the last 2 years. The pain increased in frequency during the past 6 months. From the data obtained from physical(More)
The patterns of urinary proteins in rats of different ages were examined on SDS gradient polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis coupled with silver staining. Proteins were fractionated into at least 26 bands. Densitometric measurements were used to characterize protein excretion patterns. The results showed that proteinuria in newborn, young and adult rats is(More)
Fine needle aspiration (F.N.A.) is widely accepted as a safe and reliable diagnostic technique. In patients presenting with widespread metastatic disease of unknown primary origin it can play an important role in providing a rapid and accurate diagnosis and therefore allowing to institute a prompt therapeutic approach. This technique can usually be(More)
In this study we describe the normal electrocardiogram of the Guinea pig (Cavia porcellus), including the correlation between cardiac frequency and the Q-T interval. We studied the acute changes induced by an intraperitoneal dose of beta-methyl digoxin (0.2 mg). The drug produced a significant decrease in cardiac frequency and a significant prolongation of(More)
42-year-old man with pain in the posterolateral region of the right knee that began while he was running. Initially, it was diagnosed by magnetic resonance (MR) as a possible aggressive process (osteosarcoma or Ewing's sarcoma) but with computed tomography it was noted a cortical hypodense linear longitudinal image with a continuous, homogeneous and solid(More)
The infective factor seems to be very important in the physiopathology of intestinal ischaemia syndrome, as we suggested in previous research works, and is probably responsible for the disturbances observed in pulmonary surfactant. In the present research project, 48 mongrel dogs were studied under different situations of experimental intestinal ischaemia(More)
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