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From January 1984 to May 1994, 17 of 239 children under 15 years old stung by Tityus serrulatus (15.1%) or Tityus bahiensis (84.9%) presented severe envenoming. Of these 17 patients (1-11 years old; median = 2 yr) 14 were stung by T. serrulatus and three by T. bahiensis. All of them received scorpion antivenom i.v. at times ranging from 45 min. to 5 h after(More)
Impairment of Parkinson’s disease (PD) axial motor signs (AMS) has been described as a risk factor for dementia. Executive dysfunction is an important feature in recently proposed clinical diagnostic criteria for PD dementia. To clarify the relationship between AMS progression and executive cognitive performance, we conducted a 6-year prospective study in(More)
In the present article we will show the results of the workshop known as The First Training Psychiatrists Latin-American Meeting (2012). We will explore as well, the impact of the psychiatric practice on young physicians who look to the specialty. In this article we intend to update existing bibliography on the subject, and share the results of two research(More)
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) operates one of the largest health care systems in the nation; more than 2.5 million veterans receive care annually. Among the special foci of care within VA is the Dental Service. The Department of Veterans Affairs Dental Service is the largest dental care system in the nation and the largest hospital-based dental(More)
Type and frequency of early reactions (ER) were studied in 24 children aging 2-14 years victims of snake bites who received pretreatment with histamine antagonists H1 (dextrochlorfeniramine) and H2 (cimetidine or ranitidine) and hydrocortisone from 1989 to 1993. None of them had atopy nor received any type of anti-venoms(AV) and antitoxins before. Of 24(More)
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