Matías D. Hartman

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The purposes of this study were twofold: to observe the effects of various seated postures on normal and scoliotic spines, and to investigate thoracolumbar range of motion in both normal and scoliotic spines. Eleven adolescent females with mild adolescent idiopathic scoliosis involving the thoracolumbar spine, and 20 healthy female subjects participated in(More)
Concurrent changes in climate, atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition, and increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO 2) affect ecosystems in complex ways. The DayCent-Chem model was used to investigate the combined effects of these human-caused drivers of change over the period 1980–2075 at seven forested montane and two alpine watersheds in the(More)
The sunflower transcription factor HaWRKY10 stimulates reserves mobilization in Arabidopsis. Gene expression and enzymes activity assays indicated that lipolysis and gluconeogenesis were increased. Microarray results suggested a parallelism in sunflower. Germinating oilseeds converts stored lipids into sugars, and thereafter in metabolic energy that is used(More)
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