Masumi Yamamuro

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Calcification by charophytes improves the quality of water, although most studies on calcification have only examined ecorticate species. We investigated the formation and relationship of alkalines and acids with regard to calcification on internodal cells in Chara corallina, an ecorticate species, and Chara globularis, a corticate species. We observed that(More)
As expressed in the Ramsar Convention, the wise use of wetlands, including coastal lagoons, is one of the greatest environmental concerns across the globe. Seagrass beds are the key element for sustaining coastal lagoon ecosystems. Eutrophication, especially by nitrogen and phosphorus, has degraded many coastal waters and has been invoked as a major cause(More)
This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication. As a service to our customers we are providing this early version of the manuscript. The manuscript will undergo copyediting, typesetting, and review of the resulting proof before it is published in its final form. Please note that during the production process errors may(More)
Here we report on an advanced survey system that combines multibeam echo sounding with underwater photography, which was used to collect accurate data on the distribution and abundance of submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) in Lake Towada. The use of this system enabled us to visualize the cover, height, and biomass of the SAV over the lake bottom, as well(More)
Although submerged vegetation is considered to be the most suitable refuge against predators and form of foraging habitat for small fishes, submerged plants are often scarce or lacking in turbid eutrophic lakes. To evaluate emergent (Zizania latifolia) and floating-leaved (Nelumbo nucifera) vegetation as refuge areas against predators and as foraging(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the loading of nutrients of agricultural origin. We investigated monthly nutrient concentrations at 11 stations located in the Hii River, Japan. The nitrogen and oxygen stable isotope ratios in nitrate were applied to distinguish the origin of nitrogen, i.e., from fertilizers applied to paddy fields or from sewage. Although(More)
Two cave species of Sundathelphusa are described from a karst area in southern Luzon, Philippines. Both species have elongated ambulatory legs but the eyes and carapace pigmentation are well developed, indicating they are not troglobites. Sundathelphusa danae sp. nov. is superficially more similar to S. longipes (Balss, 1937) than to S. holthuisi Ng, 2010,(More)
Sea-level rise (SLR) from global warming may have severe consequences for coastal cities, particularly when combined with predicted increases in the strength of tidal surges. Predicting the regional impact of SLR flooding is strongly dependent on the modelling approach and accuracy of topographic data. Here, the areas under risk of sea water flooding for(More)
Most freshwater lakes in continental Antarctica are in a paradoxical situation as they are in nutrient-poor conditions despite luxuriant vegetation growth covering the entire lakebed. Although the phytobenthos possibly take up nutrients from inside lakebeds, the amount of nutrients and their utilization by these phytobenthos are unclear. Sediment cores were(More)