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Intrathecal administration of neuromedin C (3, 10 nmol/rat) significantly decreased the nociceptive threshold of rats in the paw-pressure test. This effect was abolished by co-administration of [Leu13 psi(CH2NH)-Leu14]bombesin (10 nmol/rat), a bombesin receptor antagonist. Co-administration of 2-amino-5-phosphonovaleric acid (APV) at a dose (10 nmol/rat)(More)
This study aimed to verify the beneficial effect of cycloheximide (CHX) treatment on the development of porcine somatic cell nuclear transfer (NT) embryos, which were constructed with enucleated oocytes and cumulus cells by using a single direct current (DC) pulse. In the first experiment, a single DC pulse applied to the induction of fusion and activation(More)
  • M Kagawa
  • 1990
The development of the temporomandibular joint of 400 fetal mice at stages ranging from the 13th to the 20th day after insemination was investigated under the light, scanning (SEM) and transmission electron (TEM) microscopes. The differentiation and development of a cartilaginous tissue were observed at the supero-posterior end of the mandible at the 13(More)
We studied the effect of neurokinin A (NKA) on tracheal smooth muscle (TSM) contraction induced by the administration of acetylcholine (ACh) intra-arterially (ia) into the tracheal circulation or bilateral vagal stimulation in 18 mongrel dogs. In five dogs, 10(-12) to 10(-7) mol of NKA was injected selectively into the tracheal circulation. The tracheal(More)
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